Vendor Applications!!!

Wiregrass Farmers Market vendors are carefully selected to ensure the produce, crafts and baked goods offered are either grown or produced by that vendor.

From a produce standpoint, we seek area growers who offer quality, consistency and variety.  We do allow growers to bring a maximum 25% of items they have purchased, primarily during times of the year when local produce is not ready for harvest.

Our bakers and artisans are thoughtfully chosen to represent quality and variety; we require these items are produced by the vendor.

Our goal is to provide a hub where citizens can connect with area growers, artisans and bakers.  If you would like to be a part of this movement, please contact us at:!

Vendor Guidelines 2020

Vendor Application 2020



  1. I think I paid for the whole year back in March. Please correct me if I am wrong. Do I need to put in an application for the fall market?

    • Hi Dr. Wagenhorst,
      I just saw your comment on the website, I have you down as an annual vendor. So you are paid for the fall season as well. The only thing extra you will have to pay is for the Holiday Market if you participate.

      All the best,

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