Meet the Vendor- Brenda Spampinato

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Brenda Spampinato uses her love of gardening, to create unique flower arrangements that she sells at the market every Saturday. She admits that she fell into being a vendor by accident. In October of 2017, Brenda was asked to help with the flowers at a wedding rehearsal dinner at her church. The request was for succulents in white pumpkins. Unable to find white at first, she purchased several orange pumpkins, then later found white ones. Not knowing what to do with all of the extra pumpkins, she asked around and found the farmers market. Her first Saturday, she sold pumpkins with flower arrangements in them.

Since then, her love for gardening has only grown, she and her husband, Mark enjoy spending time together working on their yard. Today, with two years as a market vendor under her belt, Brenda brings a variety of arrangements, bulbs, plants and succulents to the market, all of which she grows herself!

Brenda loves meeting new people at the market. Her favorite things to shop for include produce, goat cheese and pastries. She adds that a bonus to being a vendor is “being able to share leftover arrangements with friends after the market. It gives me a creative outlet and I enjoy being able to use my love for God’s creation to make arrangements for others to enjoy.”

You can find Brenda and the other market vendors at the Wiregrass Farmers Market this Saturday from 9am-Noon under the pole barn at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture. 

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