2019 County Fair Winners

The winners have been announced and prizes have been given. Congratulations to all of our County Fair winners. Thank you to everyone who entered, as well as those who supported the event. With over 40 entries, the competition was tough! We are already excited about next year’s event!

Tastiest Cakes

1. Amanda Perry (Ashburn)

2. Victoria Daniels (Fitzgerald)

3. Kay Weeks


Sweet Bread

1. Lisa Baxter (Tifton)

2. Michelle Suggs (Sylvester)

3. Amanda Perry (Ashburn)


Fresh Flower Arrangement

1. Lisa Biles (Lakeland)

2. Amanada Perry (Ashburn)

3. Mary Alice Applegate (Tifton)


Prettiest Tomato

1. Gonzalo Olgum (Omega)

2. Bret Wagenhorst (Tifton)

3. Bret Wagenhorst (Tifton)



1. Kinsley Tawzer (Tifton)

2. Marian Richbourg

3. Amy Hightower (Tifton)



1. Wyatt Cook (Ashburn)

2. Amy Peterson (Lakeland)

3. Molly Peterson (Lakeland)

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