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September 2020

Meet the Vendor- Brenda Spampinato

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Brenda Spampinato uses her love of gardening, to create unique flower arrangements that she sells at the market every Saturday. She admits that she fell into being a vendor by accident. In October of 2017, Brenda was asked to help with the flowers at a wedding rehearsal dinner at her church. The request was for succulents in white pumpkins.

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Vendor Applications!!!

Wiregrass Farmers Market vendors are carefully selected to ensure the produce, crafts and baked goods offered are either grown or produced by that vendor. From a produce standpoint, we seek area growers who offer quality, consistency and variety.  We do allow growers to bring a maximum 25% of items they have purchased, primarily during times of the year when local produce is not ready

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